“Ambos Mundos” (Vitor Santana/Flávio Henrique) by MoFrancesco Quintetto

“Ambos Mundos” (composed by Vitor Santana & Flávio Henrique)

Album “Piedra Solar” – MoFrancesco Quintetto

Miguel Moreira – drums;

Iuri Gaspar – piano;

Francesco Valente – double bass;

Johannes Krieger – trumpet;

João Capinha – tenor sax;

Guto Lucena – flute;

Mixed & Mastered by Beat Laden at Ground Zero (Album “Piedra Solar” / MoFrancesco Quintetto / Sintoma Records) Download & donate: http://sintomarecords.wix.com/sintomarec#!mofrancesco-quintetto/cmka

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