Novo disquinho ta a chegar…La Macchina Volante

”O Circo” in Italy!

”The album hit me as an epiphany, and it didn’t happen to me in long time listening to new music. It brought me back to roadtrips, ones on dug up roads, not in highway! it’s music for trips, (like circus caravan…) like when you see from the car window so many different things, which have nothing in common but belong to the same landscape. But it’s not only a spatial travel, it’s also a time travel, through so many different music periods. And different countries mix with different ages, creating a place without time and space, not real, never identifiable. And it’s exactly like the circus, that exists since ever in every place, always being another world. Where you can live in happiness. Because who lives in a circus cannot be satisfied just living in a place in a certain period. And the songs are so different, they change so much, just like circus acts in one show. It reminds me of Sant’Agostino in his Confessions, when he says that his past experiences talk not about of who he was, but of who he is. And in this album you can hear the experiences of many human beings creating a new universe. Don’t ask me why, but it brings to my mind Pink Floyd and Area atmosphere… You can feel the arrangements’quality through the clean sound. And being a big fan of bass guitar, I loved bass parts. So, in few words… Amo questo disco!”

By Anna Laura Carrus



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