Anonima Nuvolari







.. “Situados entre o último dos românticos e o primeiro dos punks, os Anonima Nuvolari vão bem com tudo menos com a tristeza sem poesia e o amor sem gosto. Cinco boémios vestidos a rigor pedalam na volta a Itália em 50 anos. De Renato Carosone a Vinício Capossela. De Fred Buscaglione a Paolo Conte. Correm a música, o espírito e a festa de um pais; uma festa ambulante trazida pelo pó da estrada e levada ao brilho dos grandes salões. Barro e cristal.” Célia F. – Revista DIF (Junho 2008) .. Photobucket.. The “Anónima Nuvolari” gathers a brotherhood of Italian musicians living in Portugal with different origins and different musical backgrounds and with the common purpose of divulging the Italian musical heritage in its cheerful and dynamic aspect. The group is composed by 5 musicians (accordion and voice, guitar and voice, sax, double bass, percussion); this structure gives the musicians a large freedom of movements allowing acoustic performances, which, together with their bohemian spirit results in a “musical cabaret”, creating a friendly and relaxed ambience. The repertoire proposed by the “fratelli” Nuvolari has its roots on popular music and consists on a trip through the last 50 years of Italian song, having as references Renato Carosone, Fred Buscaglione or Adriano Celentano, and contemporary authors such as Paolo Conte and Vinicio Capossela. ..


Donatello Nuvolari – voice, rhythmic accordion

Mick Nuvolari – voice, acoustic guitar
Sergio Nuvolari – sax
Ciccio Nuvolari – double bass
Beniamino e Paolo Nuvolari – percussions
André Nuvolari – mandolin
Carletto Nuvolari – trumpet


street music, red wine, Renato Carosone, Paolo Conte, Fred Buscaglione, Vinicio Capossela, Adriano Celentano, Tom Waits, Domenico Modugno, The Clash, Raffaella Carrà, Charles Bukowski, Gianburrasca, Frank Zappa, Ramones, Tonino Carotone, Roberto Goyeneche, Mano Negra, Captain Beefheart, O’queStrada

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